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P R O F E S S I O N Á L   H O R S E   T R A N S P O R T   A N D   O T H E R   A N I M A L S


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I will provide your journey by van, train, lorry, ferry or even by plane!

VariantyClick for setting and adjusting your animals in the vehicle!

important for transport
(in general)
standard transport
(less than 8 hrs.)
extra in time transport
(more than 8 hrs.)

1. My preparation before I set to the journey:
After I connect the van with the trailor
I check out visually the thread pressure in all of the tires.
Than I check out physically
all of the lights of the trailor which is extremely important, so the cars going behind me
couldn´t miss I´m going to slow down for changing the direction. Yes, you may think this is a banality not to be commented
but contrary is the case!
Than I need to check out if I have
all the tools to transport horses and the other animals such as:
Short journeys (less than 8hrs.)
a rug, transport boots, lead, ropes, headcollar, bucket etc.)
Long journeys (more than 8 hrs.)
manger, buckets, water tank - you need your own water source from the tank
because there is not allways a possibility to take amounts of water where you stop,
oats, hey etc.)
The particullar meal fed I allways discuss with the owners because the animals really need what they are used to eat.
For the longer journeys I allways use
shaving or straw bedding inside of the vehicle (according to onces needs).
Not every horse tolerates shaving and vice versa.
For the other animals travelling I usually go for a layer of shaving with a little straw over it.
Before I start a long journey I also check out
all the liquid capacities of the vehicle.

piliny piliny piliny

2. Arrival to the place of loading:
I do allways arrive
about 15minutes before we are supposed to leave (or sometimes even longer).
If you know your horse needs a special time to be loaded or if he is used to have special arrangements (travelling without the bars) or to take
sedatives don´t forget to inform me before.

uprava vleku kontainer piliny

3. Preparing a horse or an other animal before for the transport:
The horse is
usually prepared to be transported by the owner, B rider or by a groom. I can also do it for a customer if we have a deal. Please don´t give yourhorse the boots, a rug or a tail protector to your horse at any rate if he is not used to it!
It only extends the stress the he has to undergo!

chráníče přikrývka

4. Loading of the horse or an other animal:
The owner usually helps the horse to get loaded on the trailor himself. of course I can help you if you ask me.
keep calm if there is any problem and the horse doesn´t want to enter the vehicle at the first time.
Be aware itis an animal an it has also got his own head and point of view.
The more you stress the horse out the more difficult the loading will be!

přirozené nakladání koně nakladání koně
nakladání ponny

5. A horse or an other animal during the journey:
We allways stop after four hours to swap the drivers.
After each 8 hours there is a vet prescribed stop to give a rest to the horses.
This differs with every specific animal kind.
At any stop there is water offered to the horses and animals.
There is also the
feeding three times a day (according to a deal).

krmení krmení krmení

6. Temporary stabling for rest during the journey:
If I don´t reach the final destination within 16 hours there is a temporary overnight stabling for a horse or the other animals necessary.
After I put a horse out I keep him walking to have a little excercise after the journey and I usually cool down his legs with water. Than I brush him and put into the box.
My accomodation is usually as close to the stable as possible.
It is no exception I come during the night to check out again the horses condition.

Dočasné ustájení Dočasné ustájení Dočasné ustájení

7. Vetrinary check-up:
I also provide
veterinary check-ups to ensure the horse is ready to travell on.
Meanwhile my
colleague cleans and washes the trailor so the animal has a full comfort and care in it the next day!

Veterinární prohlídka Veterinární prohlídka Veterinární prohlídka

8. Travelling by the ferry:
The acces to the port is unless exceptions well sighned, but there is a lot of obligatory check-outs in the international zone.
And because once you are in the queue you can´t do anything with it
I allways ensure myself
to be in the departing are one hour before I should leave.
In regard of the ferry is ordered in advance there is usually no delays with the loading on formalities.
It is really good to inform particular members of staff that I transport an animal.
Than I usually have a prior check out and they try to find the best place for for entering the ferry and for the parking.
I speak from my own experience when I say they have the best strategy to navigate me directly
and a milimeter exactly to the final position. It is really not worth doing it on your own! They are simply proffesional.
in the parking area there is important to speak to the security staff
and make a deal to have the possibility to came and check out the animals regularely when crossing.
The loading area is actually closed up to the passangers. You can only enter there accompanied by the security staff.
Because the staff is changing every four hours I have a
sign behind the screen of the vehicle with my name, number and setting. For any case - we are human, aren´t we?

trajekt odpocinek trajekt kontrola trajekt odpocinek

9. Travelling by plain:
This kind of transport is a topic itself! The basic is to have the maximum of exact information about animal number, kind and leaving and final destinations. That leads you to the particular steps and arrangements for the journey (safety, veterinary, quarantine etc.) and price. It is much more about the legislative and it also takes more time to find the optimal offer.

místo určení místo určení místo určení

10. Arrival to the final destination:
When I arrive I turn over the animal and the travel documents to the hands of particular person.
I will ask him to check out its condition and I will give him information about the transport.
If everything is ok (according to the print contract we have) the job is finnished.
Than I´m going to clean the truck or the trailor for the next animals so they have it clean and ready.
I allways do the desinfection too when I come back home.
Actually I think that the clean trailor makes the name of the transporter. What else?
Now I´m just going to have some coffee, maybe I´ll sleep over and let´s go home!

místo určení místo určení místo určení
místo určení místo určení po uklidu

Please don´t feel like I´m going to advice you or that my way is a "law unspoken":
I´m just presenting you the way I work!
I belive that the question is how much information are you going to share before you set to the journey.
If we share the most information before the departure than it is enaugh to wish a SAFE JOURNEY!

You may wonder but I really DO drive according to the paragraph!


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