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P R O F E S S I O N Á L   H O R S E   T R A N S P O R T   A N D   O T H E R   A N I M A L S


Please fill up the form very carefully, because time safe your money.
You can download "OrderSheet" in .pdf format a send it by post or fax ...pdf

Ordering Person
*First Name:
*Last Name:
Passport No.:
*Cell / Phone:
* E-Mail:
Specification of Transport
*Date of Transport:
*Time of Transport:
*Place of Departure:
*Place of Destination:
Reason of Transport:
change of stabling, horseracing-jumping, veterinary...etc
Number of Animals:
Number of Escort Persons:
there back
Number of Baggages:
there back
Specification of Animal
Name of Animal:
Breed / Species / Strain:
Identification Number or Code:
Character or Condition of Animal:
...troublemaker, gravid, wounded, stallion...
Value of Animal:
in CZK in Euro
Notice or other Informations...

The transportation of the horse is the client's risk only.
The client is responsible for all the damages caused by the horse or the other animal while loading, transporting and unloading.
This information is crucial especially if you do not have the liability insurance caused by the animal.
There can be delay or the interruption of the transportation when loading or unloading the animal due to the animal's wrong behaviour or misunderstanding, etc. The haulage contractor does not guarantee these caused expenses.
There is an exception when damages are caused by rough breach of the road traffic and bad style of driving.
The client can claim the damage in written form no later than 24 hours to the haulage contractor.

Your order will be confirmed by call or reply email and it will be obligate us.
Yhank you for believe in us and seeing soon. With regard Bronislav Sup


Bronislav Sup
ICQ: 277967349
Skype: bronasup

Smolin 15 (Maps)
691 23 Pohorelice, CZ
Cell: +420 777 822 690
tel./fax: +420 774 424 835

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