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P R O F E S S I O N Á L   H O R S E   T R A N S P O R T   A N D   O T H E R   A N I M A L S


Suddenly this doesn´t work apply to my job. Of course I can´t choose what a horse or an animal I want to transport.
If I could I would for sure go only for really nice, easy going and behaving ones who run into a trailer without any kind of fear or hasitation. The reality is slightly different. This is why I allways ask owners of the animals for maximum of support by sharing any more or less important information about their animal witch can be incredibly helpfull with the strategy of transport. Even hardly notable things can be quite effective to work out really safe journey and approach.

(For example: Once I travelled a horse abroad who couldn´t stand quietly back on the trailor. Thanks to my equipment including camera system and farior tool kit I was able to recognise and solve the situation by taking one of his back shoes off on a gas station. After that the horse could stand comfortably the next long two days of our journey.)

car  car car car  car

punktI am able to arrange your horses journey by trailor, track, train, ferry or even by plane! punkt

VariantyClick for setting and adjusting your animals in the vehicle!
punktbefore we  set to go I offer a free of charge consultations
punktI am offering a help while organising vet permissions, exams and other details
punktI do have all the consessions, permisions and registrations to allow me to go profesional
punktI will make you a particular and exact price offer including all fees and taxes
my car has a safe construction cage MercedesSprinter 515 CDI with an extend build -
in to transport animals (size 204 - 183 - 305cm)
+ special self constructed trailor - track constructed for 3 to 5 horses or transport of higher number of any animals
reliable and large transporter Volkswagen specialised for container animal transport (120 - 120 - 160 to 200cm)
+ solid double axle on the trailor for two horses witch can be adjusted for other animals too
punktI have equipment like boots, rugs, headcolars or bridles to borrow for particular transport
punktaccording to lenghth of the journey I will give food and offer water to your horse*
punktthe best security is provided by the wireless camera system in the trailor
punktGPS navigation, RDS, CB radio, Euroscan system and online monitoring
are all systems I use to provide best security to your horse
punktfotodocumentation of the transport is fundamental
punktpossibility to accompany your horse on his journey up to four people including bagage
there is also an insurance of transported objects and animals up to 500 000 czech crowns included in the final price you pay!

If you are still missing something in this offer or if you think your animal really needs some more special equipment or approach please don´t hesitate and feel free to contact me and talk it out. If  possible I will do my best to adjust it and do the most for your beloved animal friend.

* Advice to go:
Whenever an animal is going to undergo some kind of stress as a transport is do as much as you can to eliminate it. For example give him allways the food he is used to have at home. Make sure that it goes with him!

punktMy aim is to make you happy. That is why I will make a special surprise for regular customers. I can adjust the prices at minimum to say thank you for using my transport.

RSSClick for discounts and enrol customer programme!


SET 1 =

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
punktSet of trailors unique in the whole Europian Unionpunkt

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
punkt...Maximum variability of the trailor and truckpunkt

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
Horse screens punkt Universal screens punkt Load on equipment

Equipment and accsessories = SET 1

I´m aware of the increasing demands and levels people want. As a proof of my work is a hobby and it is something that i love which makes my living I decided to invest quite some amount of money to develope and offer to my customers the best and the most up to date equipment available in the Czech Republic and the whole Europian Union. Finally after one year of preparations, project and construction discussions I developed a special set of truck and trailor to transport animals up to 7 metric tonnes (truck for 3,5 t and trailer 3,5 t)

  • it is the only set of this kind in the whole Europian Union.
  • - meets all the requirements of Czech and Europian standarts (Wellfare) !!!
  • - specific superstructures: welded construction from perfored sections of high in firmnes aluminium alloy where the strenght is also provided by the floor made of aluminium profiles.
  • - the trailor was made by number one czech producer of animal trailors Menke - Janzen & HR Partner s.r.o.(
  • - it is a manufactured made product according to a specific own design that follows experiences, needs and legislative of animal transport in general.


Truck set of the final weight 7 tonnes
Proportions 11,9 l x 2,52 w x 2,8 h (in meters)

Actual weight in 850 kg
Actual weight of the truck: 810 Kg
Size of the loading area: 6,22 m
Maximum hight of inner space: 1,83 m

Trailor of the final weight 3,5 tonnes
Actual weight of the trailor: 1900 Kg
Size of the loading area in storey: 8,67 m2 in both storeys 17,34 m2
Maximum hight of inner space with one storey adjustment: 2,25 m
Maximum hight of inner space with double storey adjustment: 1,11 m


  • GPS navigation to find the optimal journey - also saves the expenses.
  • CB radiolocator - essential tool to communicate with the other drivers during the journey (to avoid any kind of problems).
  • GPS truck monitoring:
  • The truck includes Euroscan system of new generation (
  • This instrument can be adjusted in functions according to special and specific needs.
  • It is on the highest technical level and of course follows legislative of animal transport.
  • The automatic archivation of the data is the matter of fact (it allows an off line search for documenting the journey by return).
  • The system can asign the enter code for the customer who can watch the truck directly when set on the journey.
  • The indication of truck shows exact number of kilometers travelled for price check out.
  • It also provides on line checking of temperatures on board of each patrts of the set.
  • There is a signalisation on line of door opening, trailor disconnecting etc. which can be used as checking of feeding, unloading and loading and seting the obligatory rest for the animals
  • And at least the on line camera for check the animal itself.
  • Self filling drinking bowl for:

    a) trailor: 12 pieces for sheeps, goats and pigs (built-in), 4 pieces for horses or cattle (mobile).
    b) superstructure: 1 for cuttlery (built-in), 2 for horses (mobile), 4 for goats, pigs (built-in)
    c) extra possibility for rapid coupling of special drinking bowls for birds, rodents etc. - for example drinking bowls with floads

  • Air-conditioning - forced system with buildt-in regulation of air streams (4 air fans in the trailor and 2 air fans in the superstructure).
  • Aater moisturizers (or showers) which are a must have necessity during summer months to provide the best animal comfort (especially some ZOO animals transported in containers can be that stressed out that they may not ingest any water so this is a key tool to threat them).


  • Multifunction and maximum of variability.
  • Double decked trailor.
  • Extra variability of boxes, bunks and departmens for any animal kinds.
  • Unique possibility to combine transport of animals which couldn´t at all be travelled together before.
  • A new possibility of travelling ZOO animals without extra containers therefore they can have much more comfort and less harmfull stress than ever (Wellfare).


  • Maximum interest of health aspects of the animals while travelled and even after that.
  • Optimalization of travel expenses.
  • Connected to journey plan optimalization via GPS, CB radio and RDS in kilometers and time.
  • Relayable supervision of transported animals with camera system on board.
  • Regular and early threatment of the animals during the journey thanks to the signalisation system.
  • On line watching of your animal when travelling (set by the unique code).
  • Echo checking of times, journey, speed, temperature and other parameters by automatic data archivation.
  • Personal fotodocumentation of your animals travelling.
  • Perfect according to legislative.

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
GPS punkt LCD punkt Euroscan

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
Night vision camera system punkt Registration thermometer sensor punkt Forced-air conditioning

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
Built-in cuttlery self-filling bowl punktUniversal self-filling bowls punktRapid coupling for mobile bowls

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
Mobile cuttlery self-filling bowl punktMobile horse self-filling bowl punkt Inner light of the truck/trailor

Mercedes SprinterMercedes SprinterMercedes Sprinter
Water reservoir punkt Water moisturizers/showers... punkt
... can provide water aerosol enviroment


SET 2 =
CAR and HORSE TRAILOR (Volkswagen)

Volkswagen TransporterDva hřebci
punkt We ensure transport of your horses with a specially adjusted double-axle trailor...punkt

kontainer kontainer kontainer
punkt...or any other farm animals, punkt as well as exotic animals, punkt including your pets. punkt

Equipment and accsessories =

This is a standard set for horse transport to be also used for another animals. As usual with my job the trailor is specially readjusted for commercial use. It is the matter of reinforcing the construction and much more variability of the bars inside...


Truck set of the final weight 4,8 tonnes
Proportions: 9,5 l x 2,3 w x 2,7 h (meters)

Van of final weight 2,8 tonnes
Actuall weight of the car: 810
Size of the loading area: 3,3
Maximum height inside: 1,25

Horse Trailor
Trailor of final weight 2 tonnes
Actuall weight of the trailor: 1320
Size of the loading area: 4,3
Maximum height inside: 2,2


  • GPS navigation Garmin - TomTom - for determinating the best journey to the final destination.
  • Registration thermometer to check out the temperature inside of the trailor.
  • Camera system inside of the trailor. (posádka vozidla má neustálý přehled o přepravovaných zvířatech).
  • Self-filling drinking bowls inside for two horses (mobile).
  • Forced air-conditioning / regulation of air circulation inside (one air fan in the trailor and air-conditioning in the van).


  • The best choice to transport your horses when competing or participating any kind of shows.


  • Maximum concentraition on health aspects of transported animals during the journey and even after it.
  • Optimalization of the expenses of transport.
  • Optimalisation of time and route kilometers via GPS, RDS and info portales.
  • Relayable supervision of the animals travelled by the camera system.
  • Regular and in-time care of the animals during the journey thanks to the signalisation system.
  • Echo checking of times, journey, speed, temperature and other parameters when needed by automatic data archivation.
  • Personal fotodocumentation of your animals .
  • Absolutely according to legislative.

lcd kamera nucená ventilace
LCD monitoring punkt Camera system punkt Forced air-conditioning

samospadné napáječky vody čidlo registračního teploměru protiskluzová nástupní plocha
Gravity drainage drinking bowls punkt Registration thermometer sensor punkt Non-slippery load on ramp


Bronislav Sup
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