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P R O F E S S I O N Á L   H O R S E   T R A N S P O R T   A N D   O T H E R   A N I M A L S


My name is Bronislav Sup and I have the professional horse and animal transport company since 2004.
I came closer to the world attached to horses in 1998 and four years later I became a licenced rider.
Since that a horse has become more than only a subject to transport but also a subject of real interest and priority itself.
Of course my job involves the other animals too. They are insured to have the most professional and responsible care.
For me the animals I transport are partners with whoom I set on journey together.
I am fully aware of individual needs of any animal kind and even of those of any particular one.
Care of the transported animal is my main point of interest.
If you are looking for a competent partner to travel your animal than this is definitely the right address.
I am offering comfort and stresless enviroment for your darling.

Actually the whole storry began in 1998 when I fulfilled my dream and bought my first horse.
I used to be attracted by animals since the very childhood. I didn´t become a very skilled rider and I would say I never will but the fascination by horse art continued and went even deeper.
As soon as I recognised that the horse is both strong and beautifull animal I realised that it is also extremely sensitive.
And the more I lived among horses and horsemans I was interested in horse behaviour and ethology.

For example: I have had many interesting and even strange experiences with traveling horses international.
Once in Solon, Greece, I met a horse who whenever you started to touch his head put out his tongue -
you could even hold it like if you are shaking onces hand to say "nice to meet you" -
I couldn´t belive this ingenious communication he used to speak to me...


první auto
My beginning. First car and the trailor.
(from 2002 to 2005)

druhé auto
Another VW car and trailor after the re-adjustment.
(works from 2005)

třetí auto
And this is a new track made as a special and original poject!
(from 2009)


Bronislav Sup
ICQ: 277967349
Skype: bronasup

Smolin 15 (Maps)
691 23 Pohorelice, CZ
Cell: +420 777 822 690
tel./fax: +420 774 424 835

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